LA Musclecamp

A challenging and effective 1 week bodybuilding course designed to deliver maximum results.

LA MUSCLECAMP is a unique opportunity to for you to train with a professional athlete. Head trainer Helle Trevino, who is one of the best bodybuilding athletes in the world, will teach you new advanced weight training techniques and mind muscle connection. LA MUSCLECAMP is a personal training experience in small groups of 2-4 people. This is for the advanced weight trainer or competitive athlete. Our mission is to elevate your training to the highest level. This is a great kick-starter into your competition prep or off-season training to maximize your gains.

The Course

The course offers weight training at different gyms in Venice, along with outdoor cardio sessions at Venice Beach to whip you into shape. The cardio will be a mixture of steady pace and high intensity intervals to keep your heart rate up to maximize fat burning. We are teaching after the European method as well as the newest development in strength training in the US. We have a European background, which enables us to bring the best of two continents together. The course is an education in weight training technique, and you'll receive a certificate of attendance when you've completed the course. Your coaches are all active professional athletes. We live and breathe what we teach.

You sign up for 1 week (see the schedule below). The La Musclecamp is a one week weight training course including five weight training classes and five cardio sessions.


Venice Beach, California, USA – September 21-27, 2017:

Monday 21st
9am-10am: Outdoor Cardio Session
5pm-6:30pm/6:30pm-8pm/8pm-9:30pm: Weight Training
Tuesday 22nd
9am-10am: Outdoor Cardio Session
5pm-6:30pm/6:30pm-8pm/8pm-9:30pm: Weight Training
Wednesday 23rd
9am-10am: Outdoor Cardio Session
10:15am: Optional Bodybuilder breakfast at Firehouse (food & beverages not included)
5pm-6:30pm/6:30pm-8pm/8pm-9:30pm: Weight Training
Thursday 24th
9am-10am: Outdoor Cardio Session
Friday 25th
9am-10am: Outdoor Cardio Session
5:00pm-6:30pm/6:30pm-8:00pm/8pm-9:30pm: Weight Training
Saturday 26th
1:30pm-3pm/3pm-4:30pm/4:30pm-6pm: Weight Training
7pm-?: Optional dinner party at Firehouse (food & beverages not included)
Sunday 27th
1:30m-3pm/3pm-4:30pm/4:30pm-6pm: Weight Training

There's only 12 spots available. When you sign up you'll get further information on which time slot you're in. If you have a special request please let us know.

Outdoor Cardio Sessions

Main focus is on glutes, hams and quads. We're burning fat, keeping the heart rate up while getting a workout on the stairs with exercise bands.

Cardio based training in high intensity intervals. Short sprints in the sands of Venice beach. High knee raises, burpees etc. Super high energy! Burn baby burn!

Powerwalk with surprises
Lower impact cardio with strength moves. Enjoy a powerwalk along Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier. Along the way there will be little extra surprise tasks which could be push ups, sit-ups or working with exercise bands while we walk. Every powerwalk is different, make sure to try them all!