LA Fit Bootcamp

A challenging and effective outdoor 1 week fitness program designed to deliver maximum total body results.

La Fit Bootcamp is a full body strength training and cardiovascular workout done in a group setting. We encourage you to do your personal best regardless of your fitness level. Even beginners are able to complete the entire workout and are encouraged to pace themselves, adjust exercises as needed and to take breaks when they need to. Discuss any injuries or limitations with your coach, she will make an effort to provide an alternative or altered version of activities that you may not be able to complete comfortably. What is the point of all of this? We want you to succeed! We want you to leave every workout glad you did it, feeling great and looking better!

The program

The program is a mixture of cardio and strength training using your body weight, resistance bands, weights and the amenities of the beach. We are teaching after the European method as well as the newest development in strength training in the US. We have a European background, which enables us to bring the best of two continents together.

The program is suitable for people of all fitness levels. We do things in intervals to keep your heart rate going and maximize the fat burning. It is a challenging and dynamic workout with unique exercises to shock your body. Your coaches will motivate you and encourage you to do your best, but not past the point of discomfort. You can take a break if you need to. All classes are outdoors. You sign up for 1 week. The La Fit Bootcamp is a 1 week total body transformation including 12 classes and one nutrition seminar. There are morning class times and evening classes, you can either choose to participate in all our classes or choose to jump on the ones that fit your schedule.


Venice Beach, California, USA – September 21-27, 2017:

Monday 21st
7am-8am: HIT-Training
6pm-7:30pm: Outdoor Beach Training
Tuesday 22nd
7am-8am: Stairfitness
5:15pm-6:45pm: Weight Training
Wednesday 23rd
7am-8am: Powerwalk with surprises
5pm-6:30pm: Outdoor Beach training
Thursday 24th
7am-8am: HIT-Training
5:15pm-6:45pm: Weight Training
Friday 25th
7am-8am: Powerwalk with surprises
6pm-7:30pm: Mobaflex
Saturday 26th
7am-8am: Stairfitness
4:45pm-6:30pm: Nutrition Seminar with Adam Karapetyan
7pm-?: Optional dinner party (food & beverages not included)
Sunday 27th
10am-11am: Powerwalk with surprises

Main focus is on glutes, hams and quads. We're burning fat, keeping the heart rate up while getting a workout on the stairs with exercise bands.

Cardio based training in high intensity intervals. Short sprints in the sands of Venice beach. High knee raises, burpees etc. Super high energy! Burn baby burn!

Powerwalk with surprises
Lower impact cardio with strength moves. Enjoy a powerwalk along Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier. Along the way there will be little extra surprise tasks which could be push ups, sit-ups or working with exercise bands while we walk. Every powerwalk is different, make sure to try them all!

Weight training
We'll be pumping some weights at the outdoor Muscle Beach gym. You'll learn proper lifting technique, and get in a great full body workout. A fit body is a firm & toned body, which best can be obtained by lifting weights. The weight training method we are teaching is Bodysculpting, which shapes and firms the body in an aesthetically pleasing way. You'll love this training style!

Outdoor Beach training
This is exactly what you picture when you think: BOOTCAMP. You'll be doing a circuit style of training, moving from one station to the next. You have a task at each station, which you have to complete. It could be burpees, pull ups, dips, rope climbing, sand sprints, exercise band rows/curls/push downs. We have different levels of difficulty. Everyone will be able to complete their task. Are you ready to have some FUN?!

Mobility, balance & flexibility training. Core work & gentle yoga stretches. When you work your body hard, it's important to stretch out your muscles. Get a strong but flexible body. You'll leave this class feeling gooooood!

Nutrition seminar
Adam lost over 200lbs. Hear about his journey from obese to a fit owner of a successful meal prep company. Learn about delicious but easy meal planning. Everybody can change their lifestyle for the better!